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Adding Ingredients to Wine – #2 Oak Chips

Oak Chips Following on from the first in this series, Adding Ingredients to Your Wine – Fruit, this time we’re talking about one of the most popular ingredient additions; oak chips. Often used in commercial winemaking, oak imparts flavours that add maturity, sophistication, and flavour balance that can improve wine significantly. Traditionally aged in wine […]

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Cooking with red wine

In our recent Cooking with White Wine post, we described some of the reasons wine makes an excellent ingredient to certain dishes and how wine’s characteristics complement different foods in different ways. We also included a couple of recipes that included white wine to get you inspired. Now we’re focussing on red wine, which is […]

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How to Fortify Wine

What is fortified wine? Put simply, a fortified wine is one that has been strengthened (fortified) by adding spirit to it during, or after fermentation. The spirit increases the wine’s ABV, and stabilises the wine. Doing this during fermentation arrests the fermentation process, leaving residual sugars unfermented, making the finished product slightly sweet. Popular fortified […]

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Gifting Homemade Wine

Despite the time and effort that goes into making your delicious homemade wine, giving it as a gift may feel a little stingy! But don’t despair, we’ve come up with some creative ideas to turn your wine gift into a festive phenomenon no one will turn their nose up at. 1. Spruce up your wine […]