About Us

Our history

SG Wines has been supplying 7 day wine kits since  its inception as Solomon Grundy in 1995, when it became the first 7 day wine kit to launch the UK with the strapline “Started on Monday – Drunk by Sunday.” 

Quickly established as one of the most popular budget wine kits on the market, Solomon Grundy expanded in 2000 with our Gold and Country range additions providing more choice to consumers.

Platinum completed the SG portfolio in 2013, launching as our premium range of variety style wines with a higher quality and bigger volume of grape juice concentrate, and no need for additional sugar.


Our in-house product development team meticulously develop each recipe for the SG Wines range.

From the yeast and nutrient blends that allow for speedy fermentation, to the flavouring add-backs developed to replicate the flavour profiles of varietal wines, our ingredients have been specially selected through extensive testing in our state-of-the-art lab.

Once the ingredients are developed, our kits are then safely packed at our BRC AA+ Accredited Factory.

When it all comes together, the ingredients developed for each style allow you to create a wine that hits the mark, in just 7 days.


In 2022 we embarked on a journey to bring Solomon into the 21st century with a full rebrand.

The goal for the rebrand was to make the brand more modern, relevant, and appealing, whilst keeping the brand and portfolio recognisable.  

We decided to keep the equity we have in the sub-brand names, Country, Classic, Gold, and Platinum, and all of the wine styles within these ranges.

However, the main brand “Solomon Grundy” no longer felt right for our mission. And so, “SG Wines” was born. 

With a logo not dissimilar to Solomon’s, and packaging that better represented a wine brand, we feel we have struck the right balance between new and old. 

Our future

With SG Wines now in full force, we’re looking to the future, with plans for exciting new products and new recipes in the pipeline. 

We are also planning to attend events around the UK to bring our winemaking kits to more people.

We also want to engage more with you, the consumer, to better understand what we should be focussing on and where we can be more streamlined. So, be sure subscribe to our mailing list and check us out on social media for the latest news and updates!

Most importantly, we want to continue to provide easy-to-make, enjoyable wine, that you love to make and share for years to come.

SG Wines. So Good.

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Gold range 7 day wine kits from SG Wines


Varietal styles available in 6 and 30 bottle sizes

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Classic range 7 day wine kits from SG Wines


Red, white, and Rosé varieties available in 6 or 30 bottle sizes

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Sweet and fruity wines adding a light twist to traditional blends

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Make your own wine in 7 days

Make your own wine in 7 days